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Italian Leather Case

This Unique design Accessory Bag is Made from Full Grain Badalassi Carlo Leather.

This Case is designed stand the test of time through quality and simplicity in a classic yet modern style.

A perfect accessory that can be used to hold your keys, phone, purse, make-up, as a Pencil Case, hold your computer Wires, plugs and accessories and much more!

Approx Dimensions

Height: 18cm Closed 22cm Open

Width: 22cm

Badalassi Carlo Leather - Carlo Wax leather.

Tanned in Tuscany and is naturally tumbled vegetable tanned shoulder. The grain is not printed and will therefore vary from skin to skin and within the skin itself. Each hide is treated with extracts of trunk and bark inside wood barrels.

*Please note that drummed full grain shoulders will always show a degree of grain variation, and veg tan colours can change under the influence of temperature and light exposure over time.

Please note: The colour may vary slightly and may contain natural imperfections due to the nature of the leather used.

Leather Case

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